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Gamification Group (GG) is a world-leading research group in several areas where technology and humanity meet. GG is internationally revered for seminal academic and societal contributions in the areas of novel technologies, such as motivational information systems (e.g., gamification, game-based learning, quantified-self, persuasive technologies), internet commerce (e.g., crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, sharing economies, game economies), new media (e.g., esports, streaming, immersive journalism), as well as human-computer interaction (e.g., VR, wearables, transhumanism, user interfaces). However, GG is especially recognized as the birthing ground for the general umbrella field of gamification research, where GG is the most cited and published research group internationally in its pursuit of wielding gameful approaches towards the flourishing of the planet, people, and prosperity. Our group members offer supervision of master theses for students of multiple disciplines and interests. Completing your thesis as part of the Gamification Group provides an excellent opportunity to publish in peer-reviewed venues and a kickstart for those interested in pursuing an academic career.

If you are interested in completing your thesis under the guidance of our group members, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your research interests.



Methodological expertise

Example publication


Georgina Guillen
Ph.D. candidate
• Sustainable consumption and production
• Gamification and sustainability
• Gamification and circular economy
Qualitative Guillen, G. & Fischer, D., & Vergragt, P. (2020). Communicating Sustainable Consumption. In The Sustainability Communication Reader. Eds. Weder, F., Krainer, L., Karmasin, M. Springer Natur VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.
Daniel Fernández Galeote
Ph.D. candidate
• Gamification and climate change engagement
• Sustainable development
• Environmental/climate citizenship
Design research
Fernández Galeote, D., Rajanen, M., Rajanen, D., Legaki, N.Z., Langley, D.J., & Hamari, J. (2021). Gamification for climate change engagement: review of corpus and future agenda. Environmental Research Letters, v. 16, pp. 1-50.


Isabella Aura
Ph.D. candidate
• Gamification and storification in educational settings
• Games & childhood
Qualitative Aura, I., Hassan, L., & Hamari, J. (2021). Teaching within a Story: Understanding Storification of Pedagogy. International Journal of Educational Research, 106.
Nikoletta-Zampeta Legaki
Postdoctoral researcher
• Gamified strategies
• Risk management forecasting
• Information systems
• Data literacy
• Statistics/forecasting education
• Energy forecasting and policies
Design research
Legaki, N. Z., Xi, N., Hamari, J., Karpouzis, K., & Assimakopoulos, V. (2020). The effect of challenge-based gamification on learning: An experiment in the context of statistics education. International journal of human-computer studies, 144, 102496.

Business, Marketing & Decision making

Maria Törhönen
Ph.D. candidate
• Esports
• Streaming
• Playbour
• Living Lab of Play project (development of a playful, co-creative research environment also focusing on esports, gamification and VR/AR)
Nannan Xi
Postdoctoral researcher
• Gamified business XR commerce (AR, VR, MR)
• Streaming
• Robotics
Quantitative Xi, N., & Hamari, J. (2020). Does gamification affect brand engagement and equity? A study in online brand communities, Journal of Business Research, 109, 449-460.
Eetu Wallius
Ph.D. candidate
• Gamified industry
• Gamification & HSE
• Gamification & transportation
Qualitative Wallius, E., & Hamari, J. (2020). Motivational technology as a way of enhancing transportation safety – A systematic review of previous research. In Proceedings of the 4th International GamiFIN conference, Levi, Finland, April 1-3, 2020.
Joseph Macey
Ph.D. candidate
• Esports
• Convergence of gaming and gambling, gamblification
• Virtual items and economie
• Problematic gaming
• Cognitive frameworks
Macey, J., & Hamari, J. (2020). GamCog: A measurement instrument for miscognitions related to gamblification, gambling, and video gaming. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 34(1), 242.

Social and emotional psychology

Simo Järvelä
Postdoctoral researcher
• VR
• Emotions, empathy, emotion skills
• Biocybernetics, cognitive science, decision-making, larp, roleplaying games, simulations, meditation
Salminen, M., Järvelä, S., Ruonala, A., Harjunen, V. J., Jacucci, G., Hamari, J., & Ravaja, N. (2019). Evoking Physiological Synchrony and Empathy Using Social VR with Biofeedback. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, 1949-3045.
Mila Bujić
Ph.D. candidate
• User and player experience in virtual reality
• Virtual reality and gamification/games
• Embodied VR avatars / Make-believe in VR
• Social VR
• Futures research of VR
Bujić, M., Salminen, M., Macey, J., & Hamari, J. (2020). “Empathy machine”: how virtual reality affects human rights attitudes. Internet Research.
Anna-Leena Macey
Ph.D. candidate
• Communication & social interaction
• Virtual Reality (social interaction, emotional management, user/avatar relationship)
• Embodied cognition

Design & Space

Mattia Thibault
Senior research fellow
• Urban gamification, playable cities, ludic cities, DIY urbanism, location-based games, gamification of the built environment
• Ludification of culture
• Play and meaning-making, semiotics of play
• Toys and toyification
• Punk gamification
Design research
Thibault, M. (2019). “Towards a Typology of Urban Gamification” Proceedings of HICSS 2019, pp. 1476-1485.
Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk
Postdoctoral researcher
• Playful Pervasive Devices Design and Development
• Playful Extended Reality Environments
• Playful Wearables Design and Development
• Fictional and Speculative Design
• User and Player Experience Research
Design research
Buruk, O. T., & Özcan, O. (2018). Extracting Design Guidelines for Wearables and Movement in Tabletop Role- Playing Games via a Research Through Design Process. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (p. 513). ACM.
Ruowei Xiao
Postdoctoral researcher
• Internet of Things
• Web service architecture
• Web based software development
Design research
Xiao, R., Wu, Z., Buruk, O. T., & Hamari, J. (2021). Enhance User Engagement using Gamified Internet of Things. In Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (p. 4806).

Personalization & UI

Henrietta Jylhä
Ph.D. candidate
• User perceptions of aesthetics and graphic design
• Experimental studies related to graphical user interfaces
Jylhä, H., & Hamari, J., (2020). Development of measurement instrument for visual qualities of graphical user interface elements (VISQUAL): A test in the context of mobile game icons. User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction.
Ana Carolina Tomé Klock
Ph.D. candidate
• Gamified virtual learning environments
• User-centered and tailored gamification
• Gamified intersectional feminism, cultural aspects
Design research
Klock, A. C. T., Gasparini, I., Pimenta, M. S., & Hamari, J. (2020). Tailored gamification: A review of literature. International Journal of Human- Computer Studies, 102495.