Dr. Nikoletta-Zampeta Legaki


Nikoletta-Zampeta Legaki is a Marie-Curie IF Postdoctoral researcher at Gamification Group, Tampere  University. She earned her Ph.D. at the National Technical University of Athens and her Bachelor in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. Nikoletta-Zampeta has been a researcher and teaching assistant in the Forecasting and Strategy Unit, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering since 2012. During this period, she has participated in various research projects about forecasting and data analytics and she has worked as a consultant in Financial Services and Risk Management, in EY, Greece, as well.

Nikoletta-Zampeta’s research interests are in time series forecasting, business forecasting information systems, energy efficiency, risk management, and educational methods in teaching forecasting. Her current project is named GANDALF (Gamification and DAtafication towards Learning Forecasting) and it is an EU Marie-Curie IF funded project regarding the impact of gamification and gamified strategies on public understanding of data, data literacy, and statistics. Her current research focuses on investigating how gamification affects learning outcomes in the context of statistics and forecasting education. She has participated in numerous international conferences presenting her research results.

Contact details: zampeta.legaki@tuni.fi

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