Consumer Decision-Making in Multisensory and Multiuser Metaverse Marketing

The MetaMarketing project is a three-year Co-Research project by Business Finland, Tampere University, LahiTapiola, TietoEvry Oy, Yleisradio Oy, Dagmar Oy, and Acon Oy. The MetaMarketing team is led by Juho Hamari (PI), Nannan Xi (PI), and Juhani Linna (project manager). Other members include Zhenxing Li, Bojan Kerous, Xinyi Yang, and Chengyuan Li.

MetaMarketing (Marketing in Metaverse) project aims to facilitate the upgrading and transformation of Finnish service, media, and traditional industry towards a fully digitalized business model by providing XR solutions for immersive consumer experience in a sustainable way. The dissemination of knowledge to the Finnish service and marketing industry will have a large and synergistic effect on the European marketing landscape that combines marketing with the strong European information and communication technology industry. Moreover, the cross-cultural investigation of virtual consumers, especially Generation Z, will provide knowledge and guidance for Finnish companies’ global marketing strategies when entering the metaverse.

MetaMarketing will reach six key goals: 

  1. Exploring and investigating emerging experiential dimensions in the metaverse.
  2. Understanding consumers’ decision-making process and behavior patterns in the metaverse business environment. 
  3. Establishing framework and guidance for metaverse marketing and communication strategies. 
  4. Increasing the acceptance and use of XR technologies and providing solutions for integrating Finnish technology, media, and service resources. 
  5. Providing solutions for virtual brand management and customer loyalty programs.
  6. Exploring cultural differences and preparing for global marketing of Finnish industries.