Storification is a project by Dr. Lobna Hassan, M.A.Ed. Isabella Aura and Prof. Juho Hamari, funded by the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Foundation for Economic Education. The project examines the holistic employment of stories, narratives and connected gameful and playful approaches to foster engagement and motivation in various contexts, such as in education, citizen participation or emotional skill development.


A primary focus of the project has been on storified learning environments. The aim is to explore the possibilities that educational storification holds; what kind of influence it has on students’ academic performance, well-being and social behavior, as well as on teachers’ pedagogical practices, job satisfaction and decision-making.


This project contributes to the growing demand of constructing more flexible, engaging and creative motivational technology and environments, both, online and offline. The knowledge and practical guidelines this research provides help and strengthen the global perception of Finland as an educational pioneer and further improve the current effectiveness of the school system. For business and economy the project provides useful information on designing and producing new storification and gamification products and strategies for engagement.


In the video below, a doctoral researcher Isabella Aura describes her work on storification of education:

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