Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk

Contact Information


Email: oguz.buruk@tuni.fi

Phone: +358504720177



BURUK, OĞUZ TURANDr. Oğuz ‘Oz’ Buruk is an industrial product designer and completed his PhD in Interaction Design at Koç University – Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries (KUAR).


His work focused on creating novel interactive environments for gaming purposes. Specifically, he worked on topics such as gaming wearables or social touch in games. His research on these topics were published in high quality venues of HCI and Design such as CHI, DIS, Visual Communications and International Journal of Art and Design Education. He joined Gamification Group in June 2018. He currently manages the GArMEnt project which is funded by Business Finland for exploring the integration of wearables into mainstream gaming. Besides, he is also a Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship Grant Holder with WEARTUAL project which focuses on creating design knowledge for extended reality wearables.


Apart from his research activities Dr. Buruk also worked and still working on development of commercial mobile games. He has been in roles of project manager, visual designer and animator and game designer in these projects.


Dr. Buruk’s research activities in Gamification Group focus on deployment of wearables and novel game design practices in VR and AR environments.


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