UNITE is a competence center where high-quality research with societal impact is pursued. It is also one of the Academy of Finland Finnish Flagship Programmes. The name UNITE stands for “Forest-Human-Machine Interplay” and our motto is “Building Resilience, Redefining Value Networks and Enabling Meaningful Experiences”.

In Gamification Group, we create new paradigms, knowledge and solutions of meaningful and sustainable human-forest-technology interplay. We do this by researching gameful forest interactions: how different human-nature practices and experiences can be gamified. We expect exciting new openings in the areas of decision-making, consumer practices, recreation and wellbeing, business models and forest data management.

Gamification Group also organizes GamiFOREST Coffee Talks in the scope of UNITE Flagship for disseminating the research progress related to the gamification of forests. You can reach the programme, subscribe for notifications and watch the recordings of previous talks here.

Please visit UNITE Flagship Web Site for detailed information.