Bojan Kerous

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Bojan Kerous is a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Gamification Group at Tampere University, Finland. He obtained his engineering degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics at Electrotechnical Faculty at University of Sarajevo.

His doctoral research was conducted at Visual Computing department of Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Czechia. The focus of his dissertation was the examination of stress exposure and self-regulation in VR in healthy and patient populations, with the goal of developing and evaluating the building blocks of cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention. His interests lie in affective and multimodal human-computer interaction, with a particular focus on Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies and applications. He is experienced in VR prototyping and (neuro)physiological signal acquisition, processing, analysis, and feedback.

By examining a broader set of tools and modalities of user engagement and UX assessment in various interactive contexts, he aims to continuously expand his enquiries to address open questions in VR affect/cognition research, to find ways of augmenting existing approaches to interacting with virtual content, and to understand intricacies of human cognition and affect when evoked through XR and other emerging HCI technologies.
In addition to investigating facets of interactivity, he is exploring the design-specific factors contributing to the affective weight of virtual artifacts, the appropriate base set of behavioral and physiological measures to be used for reliable affect assessment and the effective means of conveying affective information through novel mediums.