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Participate in Research!

We conduct a number of research studies at any time and most of those require participation from people like you – by taking part you contribute to humanity’s global efforts in understanding ourselves, the world we live in, and how we can promote building a better world together. But you also get an opportunity to gain insights into how knowledge is produced, meet researchers, perhaps learn something new yourself, and receive modest compensation for your time and contribution.

On this page, you can find general information and principles for participation as well as a list of currently ongoing research project that you could join.

General principles of studies in the Gamification Group

  1. Participation in research is informed 

You are informed about the process, how your data will be stored and processed, and what the research outcomes will be.
(e.g., publication of academic research articles and datasets).

  1. Participation in research is voluntary

You are free to choose whether you wish to sign up and are free to withdraw your participation at any time. There will be no consequences if you withdraw your participation in a study at any point of its course.

  1. Participation in research is confidential

We do everything we can to protect your anonymity. Your personal data that might lead to someone identifying you will not be shared with anyone without your explicit permission. Your personal data that might lead to someone identifying you, if such is collected, will not be shared with anyone outside of the research team.

  1. Data collected is valid for knowledge building

This concerns the researchers and participants – we take measures to ensure that the data collected is valid and we expect you to take part only if you will do so with integrity. Motivation by compensation for participation is legitimate as long as you are attentive and honest when answering our inquiries.

Current Opportunities to Participate

Right now, there are no ongoing studies. Please check back later!

We appreciate your interest and look forward to having more participation opportunities available soon.

Don’t see anything you like or would like to know when more studies come up? We will update this page regularly with new research projects so feel free to bookmark it and you can also sign up for the periodical newsletter with calls for participants from Gamification Group and others at our faculty at this page.

Past Studies