Satakunta Digitalization in Logistics

SataDiLogis project aims to improve safety, security and commercial activities of the logistics and transport industry in the Satakunta region. The project also aims to develop national and international R&D co-operation and networks that are related to cargo securing. Gamification, digitalization, automatization and artificial intelligence are used to reach the objectives of the project. Actors of maritime cluster, logistics and industrial production are core target groups of the project.


The project aims to solve the challenges that are related to knowledge of controlling of risks of cargo transportation. Project SataDiLogis produces a survey about carriage losses and securing of cargo and this way raises the safety of transportation and identifies cargo securing and transportation safety issues that need to be developed further. The project organizes presentations and demonstrations that aim to strengthen the know-how of all transportation modes and SMEs in the Satakunta region. Gamification and piloting of safety and security apps as well as e-learning courses and possibilities of new technologies and artificial intelligence are also used to strengthen the knowledge, know-how and operation possibilities of the Satakunta. Stronger national and international networks and closer co-operation also strengthen the business and innovation possibilities of the enterprises. The project influences positively to safety, security, efficiency, competence, competitiveness and reliability of the transportation and transportation business of the Satakunta region.