Çağlar Genç

Contact Information


Email: genc.caglar@tuni.fi

Phone: +358466834516

Dr. Çağlar Genç is a product and interaction designer. He received his Pd.D. (2019) in interaction design at Koç University, Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries (KUAR), İstanbul, Turkey. During his Ph.D., he became familiar with and utilized material-oriented design methods and human-centered research to examine the merger between fashion materials (i.e. textiles, leathers) and computational materials to design wearable ambient displays. After his Ph.D., he improved his research experience as a postdoctoral researcher working on designing tech fashion and tangible interfaces at Arts and Design Faculty, University of Lapland. His research has been published in first-tier conferences, i.e., CHI and DIS, and journals such as International Journal of Design, Frontiers and Visual Communication.

Dr. Genç joined Gamification Group as a postdoctoral researcher in September 2022. His current research focuses on designing transhuman expressions and communication with augmented human technologies within the scope of UNITE Flagship.