Wilk Oliveira

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Phone: +358 46 660 6625



Dr. Wilk Oliveira is a researcher at the Gamification Group, Faculty of Information Technology and Communications, Tampere University, Finland.


Dr. Oliveira received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics from the University of São Paulo, Brazil (with an internship at Tampere University, Finland), M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Federal University of Alagoas (with an internship at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada) and a B.Sc. in Computing Education from the University of Pernambuco, Brazil.


Dr. Oliveira has dedicated most of his academic career to research and has already been a researcher at several other research groups. In his career as a researcher, he has working on a series of R&D projects, maintained by important international funding agencies, leading the development, application, and evaluation of different educational technologies. His research has already generated a series of products and more than 100 scientific publications in important conferences and journals in the field of Educational Technologies. Such productions generated several awards, including the best paper award in important conferences. Still, in his dedication to research, he has also organized several scientific events in educational technologies.


Dr. Oliveira has also stood out as an entrepreneur, co-founding different startups, including the startup Eagle-edu, an evidence-based gamification edutech. In the public sector, Dr. Oliveira collaborated with the Brazilian Ministry of Education, working on projects related to the development, application, and evaluation of educational technologies.


Dr. Oliveira also dedicates part of his academic career to teaching, having already worked as a lecturer in post-graduate programs at different universities and maintaining online courses in scientific development.


Dr. Oliveira believes in education to improve the world and seeks to improve the quality and access to education. His main areas of activity are Educational Technologies, Gamification, Game-Based Learning, User Experience, and Computing Education.