Wilk Oliveira


Wilk Oliveira is a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics at the University of São Paulo (USP – Brazil), with an exchange program at Tampere University (TUNI – Finland), M.Sc. in Computer Science at the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL – Brazil) with an exchange program at the University of Saskatchewan (USask – Canada) and B.S. in Computer Science Education at the University of Pernambuco (UPE – Brazil). He is an assistant professor in the Postgraduate Program in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics at the University of São Paulo and was a visiting lecturer in the MBA Program in Management at the Tiradentes University Center (Brazil). He is a researcher at the Laboratory of Computing Applied to Education and Advanced Social Technology (USP), Gamification Group (TAU), and the Learning Lab (Durham University (DU) – UK). He was a researcher at the Center for Excellence in Social Technologies (UFAL) and the Multi-Agent Distributed Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Lab (USask). In the public sector, Wilk collaborated with the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the Innovation Center for Brazilian Education, working on projects related to the design, application, and evaluation of educational technologies. As an entrepreneur, even during the B.S, Wilk Oliveira was an enthusiast and precursor of Educational Games Virtualization in Brazil, co-founding the first Brazilian startup in the segment, Virtualize Games. At the academy, Wilk has been working on a series of research, extension, and development projects, maintained by important international funding agencies, such as São Paulo Research Foundation (Brazil), Ceibal Foundation (Uruguay), and Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (Canada), where he has worked on the design, application, and evaluation of various educational technologies, generating different products and publishing numerous scientific studies in some of the main international conferences and journals related to Educational Technologies. Besides, he has also organized several important scientific conferences in the field of ​Educational Technology, with emphasis on the Brazilian Computers in Education and the Latin American Conference on Learning Objects, also serving on the scientific committee (as a reviewer, coordinator of technical sessions, and co-editor) of important international conferences and journals. Even as a young researcher, Wilk Oliveira has already received several awards, with a highlight to the best Brazilian M.Sc. Thesis in the fields of Computers in Education Games, becoming the first researcher winning both awards. In addition to these, he has also won the best paper award at different international conferences. His main research interests are Computers in Education (especially, but not exclusively: Flow Theory, Gamification and Educational Games) and Computer Science Education.


Webpage: http://www.wilkoliveira.com/.