What is your relationship with nature in games?

Who can participate:

The study is open worldwide for anyone 18+ years speaking English and/or German with interest in games and nature in games. Participants must have a webcam and stable internet to support a video call.

What it entails:

Two remote video calls (20mins + 1h10) sometime between 1st August and 30th October

Full information and how to apply:

Study Website: nature-in-games.caring.systems

Registration Form: https://forms.office.com/r/4ThzyY1s4W


Each participant who completes the study will receive 15€ (~£13/~16US$ …) worth of games from the Humble Bundle store.

Person responsible and contact:

Hi, I’m Velvet Spors, a post-doctoral researcher at the Gamification Group at Tampere University.

I am currently researching what we can learn from nature in games for the design of nature-centric technology in real-life. After all, games connect us, make us cry or laugh (or both at the same time!). They also allow us an open, safe space to explore feelings and make sense of ourselves.

I am looking to talk to people who enjoy playing games to explore what nature in games means for them: lush meadows, dense forests, vast deserts, or deep, mysterious oceans?