Gamification Group | Immersion in climate change information
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Immersion in climate change information

The purpose of this study is to gather insight on participants’ experience and outcomes of immersing themselves in different forms of climate change information. The analysis of data will help us understand the communication methods’ effects.

Who can participate:

Suitable participants must be 18 or older and in a condition of good general health. Depending on the randomly assigned condition, a virtual reality headset may be used. This may not fit over all types of glasses (depending on the size and shape of the frames). If possible, contact lenses should be worn instead of glasses.

What it entails:

The study is conducted in two stages:

1) You are invited to complete an initial survey at your convenience. The survey will take you approx. 20 minutes. Then, you will be able to book a time for the experiment.

2) The experiment takes place in person at Tampere University City Centre Campus. In it, you will answer simple questionnaires and tasks before and after being exposed to information about climate change. The experiment takes approx. 2 hours and is held in English.

Other activities, including a short interview and interacting with emails about climate change action after the experiment, are optional and not necessary for receiving the compensation.

Full information and how to apply:

Depending on the randomly assigned condition, participants will be asked to take part in facial expression analysis during the experiment. This procedure is optional, non-invasive, and the result will not be used to identify them in any way. A voluntary interview about the experience and emails with further tasks may also occur based on the participant’s choices.

Participation in the experiment is voluntary, and can be canceled or suspended at any time without penalty. The results of the study are anonymised before publication, and individual subjects cannot be identified from the material.

The data collected and produced during the research will be stored in the Tampere University data repository and only the researchers in charge of the experiment will have access to it. All information collected during the investigation will be treated confidentially, as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Finnish Data Protection Act.

This research is funded by the Nessling Foundation and the Academy of Finland Flagship Program.

If you would like to participate, you can use the link below to read more information about the experiment, answer the initial survey, and book a suitable time for a session:


A Finnkino movie voucher for each participant who completes the study.

Person responsible and contact:

Daniel Fernández Galeote, doctoral researcher at the Gamification Group at Tampere University.