Gamification Group | Managing Cognitive Workload in Virtual Reality
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Managing Cognitive Workload in Virtual Reality

The purpose of this study is to examine and to build a better understanding of cognitive workload management in immersive virtual environments. As a participant in this experiment, you will be asked to carry out three activities while in virtual reality, each activity lasting about 5 minutes. You will also be asked to complete a few short questionnaires throughout the process. Your participation is entirely voluntary and will take approx. 1 hour of your time. As compensation, you will receive a cinema ticket.


Participants should be 18 years of age or older and in a condition of good general health. Please note, that the virtual reality headset may not fit over all types of glasses (depending on the size and shape of the frames). If possible, contact lenses should be worn instead of glasses.


The study will be carried out as follows:

As a participant, you will be asked to complete an online survey containing basic information about your background and another about your thoughts and feelings in different situations.

The experiment set-up includes three virtual reality activities, each activity lasting about 5 minutes. Before starting the tasks, the baseline level of your physiological activity will be measured, and you will be asked to complete two short questionnaires. Short questionnaires are also completed after each task. These measures provide information about your performance and emotional state during each task. Your physiological activity will be measured using a safe, specially designed sensor wristband and a respiration belt, which will be adjusted around your chest on top of your clothing.

The experiment will take approx. 1 hour and will be held in English.


If you would like to participate, you can use the link below to access a pre-experiment survey to fill in your background information and book a suitable time for the VR experiment session (held at Tampere University Central Campus):

Participation in the experiment is voluntary and can be cancelled or suspended at any time without penalty.

The results of the study are anonymised before publication, and individual subjects cannot be identified from the material. The data collected and produced during the research will be stored in the Tampere University data repository and only the researchers in charge of the experiment will have access to it. All information collected during the investigation will be treated confidentially, as required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Finnish Data Protection Act.


A Finnkino cinema ticket for each participant who completes the study.


Foundation for Economic Education (project GamEmOrg; 16-9394)


Anna-Leena Macey, Doctoral Researcher (