The phenomena of esports, Yle Radio 1 show (in Finnish)

What is this whole esports phenomena about, how many people play & watch these games, and what about these huge sums of money that are starting to be part of the esports industry? To answer some of these questions, Max Sjöblom from the Gamification Group joined Raakel Aaltonen (Telia) & Teemi Hiilinen (SKL), to talk about the subject in Kulttuuriykkönen hosted by Tuukka Pasanen, on the national broadcaster Yle’s radio channel Yle 1.

The one-hour show covers a wide variety of topics, such as how teams operate, why people watch others play games, where the industry is heading, and why we do research on the subject.

You can listen to the show (in Finnish), over at Yle Areena:

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