Philip Chambers

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Phone: +358504305421


Philip Chambers is a doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland’s School of Forest Sciences and a member of the Gamification Group at Tampere University.
His research focuses on understanding how gamification can be used in decision-making in forestry planning and policy contexts. He is interested in seeing if games and playful elements, as well as technology such as drones and VR can be utilised to better engage stakeholders in participatory processes and support multi-criteria decision-making.
He obtained his master’s degree in Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki and has a bachelor’s degree in Ecological Sciences and Forestry from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked extensively with governmental and non-governmental actors in the forest sector, most notably with the UK’s Forestry Commission and the Forest Stewardship Council. More recently he has worked with the Finnish Forest Association’s Forest Academy for Decision-Makers at the European Union.