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Pasqueline Dantas Scaico, a professor at the Federal University of Paraiba, is a researcher in the field of computer science education. With a dedicated focus on enriching computing literacy within Brazilian schools, she stands as a pivotal member of a national task force (called ReLic) committed to enhancing the computational competencies of students across the country’s educational system. Also she has the commitment to advancing the quality of education and understanding the nuanced dynamics of learning in the digital age in Brazil.


Over the years Dr. Scaico carried out projects grounded in qualitative research methods, particularly in the realm of understanding human aspects of teaching and learning topics of CS. During her PhD study she investigated over time how students of CS0 courses developed interest in coding. From 2015-2016 she joined the Game Learning and Society research team which was coordinated by Professor Constance Steinkuehler and Kurt Squire. She worked with the game Virulent in order to understand how students’ reasoning and interests in science were impacted because the contact with it.


She has always been interested in exploring the intersection of education and gamification. In 2023, Dr. Scaico assumed the role of a post-doctoral researcher with the Gamification Group. Her research focus on investigating how different game designs might trigger emotional responses from students who are involved in gamified learning tasks. The goal is to understand the intricate effects of varied game designs on the students’ overall experience. To substantiate her research, Dr. Scaico will employ a multifaceted approach which includes psychometric measurements, interaction analysis, and biometric data collection. This holistic approach allows her to gain deep insights into the cognitive and emotional responses of students as they are in contact with a gamified educational intervention. Due to the infrastructure offered by the Gamification Group, she will be able to use cutting-edge equipment like the BIOPAC system available in the Ludus Lab and also the Eagle-Edu platform.