Marigo Raftopoulos

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Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Tampere University and is a member of the Gamification Group in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences.


Marigo is currently working on Augmented-Humans, an EU-funded project under a Marie Skłodowska–Curie Actions scholarship (MSCA) dedicated to the study of how we can augment the best of human and artificial intelligence to accelerate creativity and innovation in business applications.


Part of her research interests includes how we can leverage game-based technologies (games, gamification, virtual and augmented reality) as mediators of engaging and ethical interactions and problem solving between human and machine that generate data, develop meaningful insights, facilitate business problem solving, and aid both human and machine learning.


Marigo has worked for several decades as a strategic business advisor to technology startups, industry and government on human-centred technology design and digital transformation. As an experienced industry practitioner she brings practical insight to the methodological and analytical rigor of her academic research work. Marigo believes that we are at a critical juncture of technological development driven by artificial intelligence that requires global multi-disciplinary efforts to ensure a balance between economic advancement, environmental sustainability and human flourishing.


Marigo earned her PhD at RMIT University, Australia, and also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Economics from Monash University, Australia.


This is a list of her academic publications that are in the public domain. She has authored several proprietary research and strategy papers for industry and government that remain in the private domain.

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