Anatolii Belousov

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Anatolii Belousov is a doctoral researcher at Gamification Group in the DIAL project dedicated to digitally induced altered states of consciousness. Joined GG in 2022 as an intern to write his master’s thesis based on the POSTEMOTION project aimed at the socio-emotional augmentation of interaction in virtual reality. The thesis focused on empathy and social presence in virtual reality. His current work is focused on the practices of inducing altered states of consciousness with the help of digital technologies in various sociocultural contexts. In research, he adopts a multidisciplinary approach, implementing methods from social sciences, humanities, futures research and speculative design.

In addition to a degree in the HTI field, he also holds a Specialist’s degree in clinical psychology from Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Specializing in neuropsychological rehabilitation and correctional developmental education, he has two years of clinical experience of work with children with ADHD and other developmental delays.