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MICOLE software

The MICOLE project has published multimodal software architecture and demonstration applications under a GNU LGPL (LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)

The MICOLE project's software downloads
The project downloads include the MICOLE Architecture SDK, MICOLE Applications and also source codes and libraries needed for the software development. The MICOLE Architecture SDK (also called as MicoleLib) enables Rapid Application Developement (RAD) for multimodal applications combining graphics, audio and haptics. The MICOLE Applications contain three ready made applications for MICOLE Architecture.

The MicoleLib, software documentation
HTML documentation includes help for beginners creating an application with MICOLE Architecture. There's also some in depth articles and a class reference for all the MICOLE Architecture classes.

The MICOLE project's support forum
A public workspace with discussion forum provides news and help for MICOLE architecture and application users. If there's something you would like to ask or comment, this is the place to go.

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