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  • Organizations (institutions, schools, companies) involved in the project
  • IST, Information Society Technologies
  • eInclusion, eInclusion Strategic Objectives
  • COGAIN project, Communication by Gaze Interaction




Helpful links

Computer accessibility

  • Microsoft accessibility, resource guide for individuals with visual difficulties and impairments
  • WAI, overview of the Web Accessibility Initiative
  • NCAM, National Center for Accessible Media

Other projets about Visually Impaired

  • ENORASI, Virtual Environments for the Training of Visually Impaired
  • ITACTI, Smart Interactive TaCTIle Interface Effecting Graphical Display for the Visually Impaired
  • TALKING BAR-CODES, support devices for the visually impaired person using a portable machine to transform bar code information into an audible speech
  • TIM, Tactile Interactive Multimedia computer games for visually impaired children
  • VICKIE, Visually Impaired Children Kit for Inclusive Education
  • VISUAL, Voice for Information Society Universal Access and Learning
  • GRAB, Computer GRaphics Access for Blind people through a haptic virtual environment

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