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User involvement

MICOLE works in close contact with associations and organisations of visually disabled in the countries of the consortium members as well as with the appropriate schools for visually disabled.




  • Saint-Eucaire School, Metz
  • BrailleNet association, in French (cluster of French special schools for blind and visually impaired children; associations of blind people and associations of parents of blind children)
  • INJA, in French (National Institute for Young Blind), Paris
  • CNEFEI, in French (National Centre of Studies and Training for Non Integrated Children), Suresnes
  • AVH, in French (Valentin Haüy Association), Grenoble
  • ANPEA, in French (National Association for Parents of Blind or severely visually impaired Children with or without associated disability), Paris
  • Federation of Blind of France, in French, Paris
  • School Ferdinand Buisson, in French, Grenoble
  • EREADV, in French (specialized school for visually impaired), Lyon
  • La citée scolaire Robert Schuman, in French (secondary school), Metz
  • La citée scolaire Georges de la Tour, (secondary school), Nancy
  • Le Centre Educatif pour Déficients Visuels Santifontaine, in French (specialized institute for visually impaired children), Nancy


  • PAB (Panhellenic Association of the Blind)
  • Greek National Confederation of Disabled
  • KEAT (Center of Education and Rehabilitation for the Blind)
  • Faros Tyflon
  • Northern Greece Blind School "Helios"
  • Pancretan Association of Parents and Friends of Blind Children and Children with Low Vision
  • EDF (European Disability Forum)
  • EBU (European Blind Union)
  • RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind)



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