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Room Surface Estimation Using Reflection Coefficients Measured In-Situ

Adavanne, Sharath

Room surface estimation is the process of estimating and characterizing the surfaces of a room from the measurement provided by an array of microphones. In any normal room, wavefront radiated by the source reaches the microphones after reecting from the surfaces of the room. The so recorded signal in a room is also referred as a room impulse response. Historically room impulse responses have been used to calculate the acoustical parameters. These are generally used for objective evaluation of the rooms. Here is an eort to extract more information out of the RIR by understanding the physics of it. In this thesis the reection from the surfaces is employed as useful information and methods to use this information are presented. The reective information can be used in the determination of the reection coecient of the surface. The reection coecients of four common room materials are obtained from their respective im- pulse response at oblique incidence. The obtained reection coecients are studied for the classication of materials. The problem of estimating the room surface using the reection coecients has been approached in a systematic way, accounting for parasitic reections and background noise. The room impulse response is obtained using the sine sweep signal transmitted through the speaker of one microphone array, and recorded by another microphone array. The recorded signal was used to identify possible surfaces using clustering on the obtained reection coecients. The classication so obtained is compared with the ground truth to calculate the performance and practicability.


Room Surface Estimation; Reflection Coecient; Reflection Method; Sine Sweep; Room Impulse Response

Tampere University of Technology
Type of Publication:
Master's Thesis