EuroHaptics 2012
June 12-15, 2012
Hotel Rosendahl
Tampere, Finland

February 19, 2012:
    All submissions due
April 2, 2012:
    Notifications for acceptance
April 16, 2012:
    Camera-ready papers due
April 20, 2012:
    Early registration deadline

June 12, 2012:
June 13-15, 2012:
    The main conference

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Tampere old factory area
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Day 1


Line length judgments are better when based on cutaneous rather than kinesthetic inputs

Design of Cylindrical Whole-hand Haptic Interface using Electrocutaneous Display

The precision of haptic rod length perception is reduced by vision

Sensorimotor feedback for interactive realism: evaluation of a haptic driving paradigm for a forklift simulator

Masking Effects for Damping JND

Near-Threshold Just Noticeable Differences of Vibrotactile Forces at the Fingertip

Mechanical Impedance as Coupling Parameter of Force and Deflection

Perception: Experimental Evaluation

The Misperception of Length in Vision, Haptics and Audition

Haptic Invitation of Textures: An Estimation of Human Touch Motions

Towards a standard on evaluation of tactile/haptic interactions

SHIFT: Interactive Smartphone Bumper Case

Effect of Mechanical Ground on the Vibrotactile Perceived Intensity of a Handheld Object

Low-Cost 5-DOF Haptic Stylus Interaction using Two Phantom Omni Devices

A Tactile Rendering Method by Beating and Squeeze-film Effect

Haptic Augmented Reality Training Environment for Microrobotic Cell Injection

Flexible Visio-Haptic Display

Koo-boh: Variable Tangible Properties in a Handheld Haptic-Illusion Box

Pseudo-haptic feedback on softness in the hand

Transparent Haptics


Vertical Illusory Self-motion Through Haptic Stimulation of the Feet

FootGlove: a haptic device supporting the customer in the choice of the best fitting shoes

Investigating the effect of area of stimulation on cutaneous and proprioceptive weight perception

Visualization of Tactile Material Relationships Using Sound Symbolic Words

Cursor navigation using haptics for motion-impaired computer users

Comparison of Extensive vs. Confirmation Haptic Interfaces with Two Levels of Disruptive Tasks

Acquisition of elastically deformable object model based on measurement

Is the curvature in hand movements to haptic targets in the mid sagittal plane caused by a misjudgment in direction?

Exploring the Impact of Visual-Haptic Registration Accuracy in Augmented Reality

Dissociation of vibrotactile frequency discrimination performances for supra-threshold and near-threshold vibrations

Tactile Apparent Motion between Both Hands Based on Frequency Modulation

Feasibility Study of Levels-of-Detail in Point-based haptic rendering

An Ungrounded Pulling Force Feedback Device using Periodical Vibration-Impact

Saliency-Driven Tactile Effect Authoring for Real-Time Visuotactile Feedback

NonVisNavi: Non-Visual Mobile Navigation Application for Pedestrians

A Dental Simulator for Training of Prevalent Interventions: Tooth Restoration and Ultrasonic Scaling

Compressibility and Crushability Reproduction Through an Amorphous Haptic Interface

RehApp – A Wearable Haptic System for Rehabilitation and Sports Training

Multi-contact Vacuum-driven Tactile Display for Representing Forces Acting on Grasped Objects

Day 2


Contact Force During Active Roughness Perception

A Novel Miniature KinaesTactile Actuator based on Magnetorheological Fluids

Immersive Direct Touch Haptic Display

Comparing Direct and Remote Tactile Feedback on Interactive Surfaces

Guiding tourists through haptic interaction: vibration feedback in the Lund Time Machine

New Control Architecture based on PXI for a 3-Finger Haptic Device Applied to Virtual Manipulation

How finger movement speed affects Braille patternrecognition

Novel Interactive Techniques for Bimanual Manipulation of 3D Objects with Two 3DoF Haptic Interfaces

Interaction Power Flow Based Control of a 1-DOF Hybrid Haptic Interface

Rediscovering the Haptic Sense Through Crossroads of Art and Design Research

Evaluating a Multipoint Tactile Renderer for Virtual Textured Surfaces

Finger-Mounted Skin Vibration Sensor for Active Touch

A Novel Stimulation Method Based on a Neuromorphic Mechanoreceptor Model for Haptic Illusion

Rendering Stiffness with a Prototype Haptic Glove Actuated by an Integrated Piezoelectric Motor


Augmentation of Material Property by Modulating Vibration Resulting from Tapping

Shaking a box to estimate the property of content

Vibrotactile Stimulation Can Affect Auditory Loudness: A Pilot Study

Utilizing Haptic Feedback in Drill Rigs

Hands Reaching Out of Dreamland: A Haptic Peripheral Alarm Clock

Evidence for ‘Visual Enhancement of Touch’ mediated by visual displays and its relationship with body ownership

Orientation inquiry: a new haptic interaction technique for non-visual pedestrian navigation

Haptic Force Perception in Bimanual Manipulation

Haptic stimulus for the discrimination between intrinsic properties of dynamic systems

Development of Intuitive Tactile Navigational Patterns

Stability of Model-Mediated Teleoperation: Discussion and Experiments

Backwards Maneuvering Powered Wheelchairs with Haptic Guidance

Haptic Object Exchange in Dyad