Matrix Tricks for Linear Statistical Models:
Our Personal Top Twenty
by Simo Puntanen, George P.H. Styan, and Jarkko Isotalo

Stories of TRIX

Here we gather some miscellaneous stories around the TRIX project over the years.

Dedication and Genealogy

In addition to Soile and Evelyn, the Tricks Book is dedicated to Professor T. W. Anderson who supervised the Ph.D. Thesis of George.
T.W. Anderson, Lyngby, 2002. (Photo: Simo)
George, Dorothy & T.W. Anderson, Chicago, 1986. (Photo: Simo)

The homepage of T. W. Anderson is which for example provides access to his 1945 Ph.D. Thesis.

For further details, who was supervising whom --- see an interesting article by Richard William Farebrother.
Richard "Gere" Farebrother, Montreal, 1995. (Photo: Simo)
Soile P., Richard William Farebrother, Chateau Tarmo Pukkila, Tampere, 1983. (Photo: Simo)


R. Dennis Cook's trick

In March 1996 Simo attended the Wintercourse in Hemavan, Sweden on Regression and Regression Graphics, organized by the University of Umeå, and gave a 6-hour lecture series entitled "Matrix tricks for regression and illustration of regression concepts using Survo".

This talk was the first time when Simo presented something in the spirit of "Top-x": here it was Top-10.

The main lecturer of the Wintercourse was R. Dennis Cook. After Simo's talk Dennis showed Simo his favorite matrix trick which is now, after 15 years, given on page 206 of the Matrix Tricks Book. See the scanned original version by Dennis.


Photograph of the front cover

The front cover of the book is based on a photograph taken by Simo in his sauna deck, Nokia, Pyhäjärvi, on the 7th of December 2007. The lake's first ice blanket was experiencing hard times.
The original photograph of the front cover: Nokia, Pyhäjärvi, Finland (7 Dec 2007).

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