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Welcome to the Recruitment Site for the Experimental Laboratory at Tampere University (DMLab)

On this site, you can register in the DMLab participant database. The registration does not commit you to participate in any particular experiment and you have a right to cancel your participation. Invitations to participate in decision-making experiments will be emailed to database members. You will receive less than ten invitations each year.

The register does not contain sensitive information and its data will not be given for the third party or for any commercial purposes. You can read the registry and privacy policy here. Registration takes place here.

DMLab is part of national research infrastructure the Finnish Research Instrastructure for Public Opinion (FIRIPO), which is funded by the Academy of Finland. DMLab has research cooperation with PCRClab in Turku and with Helsinki LABBET.

The laboratory is located in the central campus in part D of the main building in room D210. DMLab is used to study the decision-making of individuals.

In DMLab, decision-making is generally done anonymously via computers. The studies are clearly instructed always before the start of the study and a reward is always paid for participation.

During pandemics, we operate according to regulations and guidance from health authorities (THL and Avi). Therefore, most of our decision-making experiments are conducted in the Internet.

For more information on participating in the studies, see the FAQ.

If you have already registered as a participant, you can view upcoming decision studies in our calendar.

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For questions please contact dmlab@tuni.fi.