The Eighth International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics
Tampere, Finland


The Workshop will include invited and contributed talks. These talks and the informal workshop atmosphere will guarantee an intensive exchange of ideas.

Keynote Address:

  • Anderson, T.W., Stanford University, USA

  •         "Canonical analysis and reduced rank regression in autoregressive models"

    ILAS Lecture:

  • Golub, Gene, Stanford University, USA

  •         "Reconstruction of a polygon from its moments" (With Peyman Milanfar and James Varah)

    Invited Talks:

  • Ando, T., Hokusei Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan

  •         "Arithmetic-geometric mean inequalities for matrices"
  • Christensen, Ronald, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

  •         "Checking the independence assumption in linear models by control charting residuals"
  • Mustonen, Seppo, University of Helsinki

  •         "Matrix computations in Survo" (link to Survo 's homepage)
            "Draft of the paper"
  • Pukelsheim, Friedrich, University of Augsburg, Germany

  •         "Kiefer ordering of simplex designs for second-degree mixture models with four or more ingredients" (With Norman R. Draper and Berthold Heiligers)
  • Scott, Alastair, Auckland University, New Zealand

  •         "An extension of Richards' Lemma with applications to a class of profile likelihood problems" (With Chris Wild)
  • Searle, Shayle, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

  •         "The infusion of matrices into statistics"
  • Sinha, Bimal Kumar, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

  •         "Nonnegative estimation of variance components in multivariate unbalanced mixed models with two variance components"
  • Styan, George P. H., McGiIl University, Montréal, Canada

  •         "Revisiting Hua's matrix equality and related inequalities, Schur complements, and Sylvester's law of inertia" (With Christopher C. Paige, Bo-Ying Wang and Fuzhen Zhang)

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