For whichever reason you ended up on this blog, you are probably asking yourself “What is this about?”. Let me help you with the answer..

My name is Hana, I am a 23-year-old girl from the Czech Republic who decided to leave her old life behind and moved to Finland for her studies. In my free time I enjoy painting, drawing, poetry, music, dancing and thrift shopping. Don’t worry this is not an artsy blog. My studies are actually the main reason for this blog. I’m doing my master’s in Sustainable Digital Life at Tampere University and as part of these studies I am carrying out a project in collaboration with the university.

The vision of this project is to unite students from all three former organizations that existed before the merge into Tampere University while using sustainability as a common language to understand better the community. The actual goal is to execute overall better communication of sustainability matters, get not only students to participate in sustainability actions and communication, and to make everyone (yes, you too) realize and believe that current issues that the world is facing concern all of us.

Thus on this blog, you will find updates on the project, digital life, my life as such, and most importantly all the exciting info about sustainability, events and tips on how to make this world a little better. Because I believe that every small step counts and if you don’t yet, I hope that I can change your mind. 🙂

This is my first time blogging, so I hope you guys will enjoy my journey with all the excitement and struggles included. Feel free to suggest any topic you want me to write about or don’t hesitate to just hit me up if you want to talk or meet up in Tampere!

Stay tuned for what’s coming and stay amazing! <3



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