Hello Reader – welcome to my project blog!

Firstly, let me introduce myself: I am Peppi Borgenström and I started in Tampere University’s new Master’s programme Sustainable Digital Life among the first ones ever. Our group forms of people from multidisciplinary backgrounds and mine are from research and development in the hospitality industry.

Photos: Minna Kurjenluoma

Once I got into Tampere University, I packed my bags and moved from Helsinki to Tampere. I am still discovering the offering of the city. Both cities have a great selection of museums and other cultural activities. This was important to me when I decided to move to Tampere. During my free time, I enjoy visiting museums, going to gigs, and creating arts and crafts. The hobbies change from season to season, at the moment a puppy Ringo occupies most of my free time.

All of Sustainable Digital Life students were handed a “wicked problem” on which we will work for the entire time of our studies. The problems were given to us based on our motivation letters and background. The commissions are from different companies and the topics are diverse. I was handed a wicked problem “The Digital Transformation of Museums”. The commissioner of the project is Tampere cultural services. This project blog will mostly focus on my project regarding the wicked problem.

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This blog will focus on my project, but I will write about my studies and topics related to Sustainable Digital Life. Wish you will stay tuned!

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