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PRISMA is an Academy of Finland-funded project (2018-2019) focused on positioning-aided and reliably-connected industrial systems with mobile mmWave access. 4 research teams from Tampere University (former Tampere University of Technology (TUT)) and Oulu University (OU) are participating in PRISMA:

The Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) market segment, where advanced battery-powered machines (robots, drones, etc.) require robust and ubiquitous connectivity on the move, is envisioned to have a profound impact on economy and society. The state-of-the-art IIoT connectivity solutions suffer from several limitations that may preclude from reaping the full potential of the emerging industrial applications. In particular, seamless connectivity support for unconstrained device mobility is needed for mission-critical industrial machines moving at various speeds. The constrained IIoT devices will also need to offload their more demanding computations to the proximate edge-computing infrastructure, for which high data-rate, low latency, and extremely reliable links are required. This is particularly important for the emerging IIoT applications, wherein a moving machine sends high-volume monitoring data to its remote human operator in real-time and then receives control feedback with extremely high reliability. To systematically address these challenges, we develop a new technology that will provide seamless high data rate availability in the uplink for streaming traffic, while delivering ubiquitous low latency and high reliability connectivity in the downlink for control information. The proposed system will efficiently utilize the high-bandwidth mmWave communications, exploit the positioning information to enable more efficient resource allocation, and offer the location-based computation offloading in time-critical applications. A feasible proof-of-concept demonstrator will also be developed within this project to showcase a moving robotized IIoT machine that leverages dynamic connectivity and precise positioning information on the move. The techniques developed in the project will facilitate future indoor and outdoor IIoT applications with profound societal impact and unprecedented economic opportunities across several vertical sectors, including industrial automation and control, remote manufacturing, intelligent transportation systems, and numerous other applications. The project combines the multi-disciplinary and cross-layer expertise of four PIs from two Finnish universities.

PRISMA team collaborates also with international academic units and industry:


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Elena-Simona Lohan, Sergey Andreev, Wenbo Wang, Yi Lu,Yevgeni Koucheryavy, Jani Urama, Mikhail Gerasimenko

E-Mail: firstname.surname@tut.fi

Antti Tölli, Giuseppe Destino, Jani Saloranta, Dileep Kumar, Jarkko Kaleva

E-Mail: firstname.surname@oulu.fi