Viini- ja olutkerho
Vuodesta 1983

Etusivu Hallitus Maistit Lasit UKK

Frequently asked questions
Q: Do you taste home made wine?
A: No. Somewhere in the past that was also a part of the club's activity but currently we concentrate only on products of Alko or local supermarket.

Q: When is next tasting event?
A: Tasting events, also known as maistit, are held usually once a month and information about accurate time and place is distributed through our mailing list.

Q: How do I join the club?
A: Traditional and the easiest way is to visit Chateau stand at the JA-HAA messut and join there. If you miss that you can of course join later. Subscribe to Chateau mailing list and wait for info about the next event and you can pay your membership fee there.

Q: How much does the membership cost?
A: 2 €

Q: Where can I buy your magnificent haalarimerkki (overalls badge)?
A: At JA-HAA messut or later from a member of the board. Email chateau-hallitus at or participate maistit and ask there. The price is 3 €.

Q: Can I find the results of the maistit somewhere?
A: Yes, here (unfortenately only in Finnish).

Q: I have a friend who is not a member of TUT and (s)he would like to participate to maistit. Is that possible?
A: Your friend can come with you "temporarily".