Robot Perception

Principal Investigator: Prof. Joni Kamarainen

The recent advent of AI robotics has brought up the robot perception (vision, audio, tactile etc.) as one of the core topics in machine learning. Our interest is to use our strong knowledge on computer vision methods to develop novel approaches and methods for robot perception.

Featured projects


In the FishView project we are part of an European research team that develops novel bio-inspired sensor - artificial lateral line - to "see" ("distant touch") underwater environment without vision. The approach is justified by the fact that fishes often rely on their lateral line nervous system in various tasks. Our goal is to develop signal processing techniques for effective and efficient aquatic flow pattern measurements that can be used in underwater robotics (submersible) to navigate and explore environment economically and in limited vision conditions.

TUT-RIM Flagship

In 2015 Tampere University of Technology started new profiling initiative in the field of “Robotics and Intelligent Machines” resulting to significant profiling funding from Academy of Finland. A part of the profiling process is a TUT funded Flagship project on collaborative heavy machine worksites that combines researchers from the four TUT departments: Intelligent Hydraulics and Automation (IHA), Automation Science and Engineering (ASE), Signal Processing (SGN) and Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems (MEI). The goal of this project is to foster multidisciplinary research in the field of heavy field robotics.