Academy of Finland Post-Doc Funding

Congratulations to Ke "Cory" Chen who received the highly prestigious Academy of Finland post-doc funding for the next three years!

Happy Ke "Cory" Chen on the right and on the left Alexandros Iosifidis who also got the funding for the Multimedia Group.
The competition of the Academy of Finland post-doc positions is extremely hard, but still two of the positions were granted to the Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology: Ke "Cory" Chen (Vision Group) and Alexandros Iosifidis (Big Data and Machine Learning Group). The both post-doc projects are related to the current hot topics of computer vision and machine learning with applications in robotics.

Cory's research topic is analysis of large image and video collections with the aim of "visual google" type understanding of visual information from small fine-grained and subtle details to semantic classes such as "car" and "motorbike".

The both post-docs actively supervise junior researchers and establish and maintain collaboration between members of various teams in the Department of Signal Processing. Their aim is to achive breakthroughs in computer vision and image and video analysis!

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