Video 360 Project Started

360-degree Video Intelligence project started as collaboration between TUT and local hightech companies. Departments of Pervasive Computing and Signal Processing will develop novel computer vision and video transmission methods and platforms for the new 360-degree video devices and virtual reality.

Nokia OZO records 360-degree video and audio that will be the future of media and broadcasting.
Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) provided funding for large "360-Degree Video Intelligence - For Research Benefit" project that combines local companies from Tampere (Nokia Technologies, Lynx Technology, JJ-Net, BigHill Companies and Leonidas) and Tampere University of Technology to develop novel technology for the emerging field of 360-degree video broadcasting and enhanced virtual reality.

"Once you have experience 360-degree video there is no return to the traditional video anymore - this technology will reshape the future." says Professor Joni Kamarainen from Department of Signal Processing. "This project will combine top knowledge and technology from TUT and companies to create new 360-degree video ecosystem - we're happy to be part of it and in this project TUT is riding on the cutting edge of ICT." continues Professor Tommi Mikkonen from Department of Pervasive Computing.

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  • Tommi Mikkonen, Dept. of Pervasive Computing
  • Joni Kamarainen, Dept. of Signal Processing

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