BrainSplitter - an object oriented software for automatic extraction of the mid-sagittal plane from a brain surface

Mikko Itäranta, Jouni Mutanen, Ilkka Virtanen, Esa Ylimäki and Jouni Mykkänen
Department of Computer Sciences University of Tampere Finland


What it is?

BrainSplitter is an object-oriented C++ software for automatic extraction of the mid-sagittal plane from a brain surface mesh. The input mesh can be created by using the dualsurfacemin software. The algorithm is adapated from [1], see more information in [2].

Where it can be applied?

The BrainSplitter software can be applied problems where the brain hemishperes need to be separated.


for compiling from the source

We have tested the software in Linux operating systems (32-bit).

for using


Dualsurfacemin is licensed under the GNU GPL See 'LICENSE' file in the software package.

Download source

brainsplitter-1.0-src.tar.gz (2.4Mb)

The current version is 1.0. Before using the software, please read BUGLIST file included in the package.

Related software for visualization

For visualization the meshes on image, we have developed a Surface Mesh Visualizer (SMV) Java package for ImageJ. The SMV is also freely available. Note, this software is a beta release (V1.1).


Y. Liu, R.T. Collins, and W.E. Rothfus.
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IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 20(3):175-192, 2001.

J. Mykkänen, J. Tohka, J. Luoma, and U. Ruotsalainen.
Automatic ectraction of brain surface and mid-sagittal plane from PET images applying deformable models.
Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2005.
In press.


Jouni Mykk{nen 2005-05-31