ETRA 2010 Web Pages - Credits

Web design: Niina Majaranta

Niina designed the layout and look, and implemented the basic framework for the web pages. This was done as a volunteer work for free.

Photo banner:

Howell Istance designed the photo banner appearing on top of the ETRA web pages. Explicit permissions for the images have been acquired from original copyright holders where needed.
Photo credits and copyrights:

  1. Congress view - (free to use) Image by Tim J. Patterson, used under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV -
  3. Sixth street - (permission to use if creators name acknowledged) Image by Larry D. Moore, used under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License. Please provide a link back to this page if at all possible.
  4. Rodeo - - web site states that webmasters free to add the slides show to their site
  5. Last 2 Images copyrighted to the Omni Austin Hotel: used with permission.

The list of "101 Great Things To Do in Austin", courtesy of Omni Austin Downtown Hotel.

Web Master: Päivi Majaranta (paivi.majaranta(at)

Päivi handles the daily updates for the web pages.
The material is produced by the Organizing Committee.

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