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on his 60th Birthday

Dr. Tarmo Pukkila, former Professor of Statistics and Rector of the University of Tampere, now Director General in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Helsinki, turned 60 on the 26th of March 2006. To celebrate this occasion, the Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Philosophy of the University of Tampere has published a Festschrift for his 60th birthday.

The Festschrift comprises Dr. Pukkila’s interview, a detailed annotated list of his research publications, and 23 invited and refereed papers. It was given to Dr. Pukkila in a specific session of the Fifteenth International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics, held in Uppsala, from Tuesday, June 13 through Saturday, June 17, 2006.

The Festschrift is available through the Bookshop TAJU and through Granum, a virtual book store of Finnish scientific books and magazines.

Festschrift front cover Liski, E.P., Isotalo, J., Niemelä, J., Puntanen, S., and Styan, G.P.H., eds. (2006). Festschrift for Tarmo Pukkila on his 60th Birthday. University of Tampere, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Philosophy, Report A 368. ISBN 978-951-44-6620-5.
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Kurt Brännäs, Umeå University, Sweden. Joint work with Jörgen Hellström, Umeå University, Sweden. Very small samples and additional non-sample information in forecasting.

David R. Brillinger, University of California, Berkeley, USA. Joint work with Brent S. Stewart, Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute, San Diego, USA, and Charles L. Littnan, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, NOAA Fisheries, Honolulu, USA. A meandering hylje*.   (*Finnish for seal.)

Richard William Farebrother, University of Manchester, England. On the trail of Trotter’s 1957 translation of Gauss’s work on the theory of least squares.

Clive W.J. Granger, University of California, San Diego, USA. Joint work with Yongil Jeon, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, USA. Building econometric models with large data sets.

Tõnu Kollo, University of Tartu, Estonia. Joint work with Gaida Pettere, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia. Copula models for estimating outstanding claim provisions.

Sergio G. Koreisha, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA. Joint work with Yue Fang, University of Oregon, Eugene, USA. Dealing with serial correlation in regression.

Lasse Koskinen, Insurance Supervisory Authority, Helsinki, Finland. Statistical applications in Finnish pension insurance.

Erkki P. Liski, University of Tampere, Finland. Normalized ML and the MDL principle for variable selection in linear regression.

Thomas Mathew, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA. Joint work with Kenneth Nordström, University of Oulu, Finland. Exhibiting latent linear associations in large datasets.

Jorma K. Merikoski, University of Tampere, Finland. Joint work with Ari Virtanen, University of Tampere, Finland. Bounds for the Perron root using the sum of entries of matrix powers.

Seppo Mustonen, University of Helsinki, Finland. Logarithmic mean for several arguments.

Leif Nordberg, Åbo Akademi University, Finland. The reliability of rankings.

Hannu Oja, University of Tampere, Finland. Joint work with Klaus Nordhausen, University of Tampere, Finland, and David E. Tyler, The State University of New Jersey, USA. On the efficiency of invariant multivariate sign and rank tests.

Friedrich Pukelsheim, University of Augsburg, Germany. Joint work with Michel Balinski, École polytechnique, Paris, France. Matrices and politics.

Simo Puntanen, University of Tampere, Finland. Joint work with Jarkko Isotalo, University of Tampere, Finland, and George P.H. Styan, McGill University, Montréal, Canada. On the role of the constant term in linear regression.

Jukka Rantala, the Finnish Centre for Pensions, Helsinki, Finland. On joint and separate history of probability, statistics and actuarial science.

C. Radhakrishna Rao, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA. Familial correlations.

Jorma Rissanen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, and Technical Universities of Tampere and Helsinki, Finland, and University of London, Royal Holloway, UK. Joint work with Ioan Tabus, Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Maximum likelihood model for logit regression.

Alastair J. Scott, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Joint work with Chris Wild, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Calculating efficient semiparametric estimators for a broad class of missing-data problems.

Bikas Kumar Sinha, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India. Joint work with Kirti R. Shah, University of Waterloo, Canada. Universal optimality for the joint estimation of parameters.

Bimal Kumar Sinha, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA. Joint work with Pornpis Yimprayoon and Montip Tiensuwan, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand. Some statistical aspects of assessing agreements: theory and applications.

George P.H. Styan, McGill University, Montréal, Canada. Joint work with Simo Puntanen, University of Tampere, Finland. Some comments on the research publications of Tarmo Mikko Pukkila.

Götz Trenkler, University of Dortmund, Germany. Joint work with Sven-Oliver Troschke, Kempen, Germany. Mean square error optimal linear plus quadratic combination of forecast.

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