About the game

S**itionaire is an idle-type mobilegame, where your goal is to grow different types of vegetables, wheats and other products to make profit on your farm. But you don't want to use phosphorus wasting and bodies of water eutrophicating fertilizers, so you decide to buy a dry house that you place in the nearby city and with the product you get from there you fertilize your fields. When your business grows, grows your need to get newer dry houses and more of them in the city. Your goal is to become a millionaire without using enviroment ruining fertilizers!

The game is a work of fiction, because you cannot use human feces to grow product's on your field for general sale. It still has a lot of truthful elements which you would use, if you would be growing stuff to be used in private use. The game is made in cooperation with the ORAS-project and K├Ądet Multaan-project. The main goal of the game is to teach about the importance of reuse.

The games idea started from three different game ideas. Brainstorming for the games started early this spring and a conclusion was reached soon what we wanted to do. We didn't expect to be combining all the three game ideas we had, but we worked hard around all of them.


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