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Learning from other students

Sometimes other students are the best teachers. Last spring our Master’s Programme collaborated with students from the Methods in Human-Centered Design course. I’m now in the middle of my thesis interview process and the material produced in the course collaboration has been a huge help and a good starting point for my thesis.

I’m not familiar with the design process and I hit a gold mine with the students I got to work with. They had many good ideas, were collaborative, answered my questions, and ended up producing good material for me to work with. I was able to ask questions, even if I was a bit embarrassed to ask them, about a topic they knew a lot more than I.

This collaboration introduced me to application design, which is gonna be helpful when writing the thesis. I started pondering a bit more about how a sustainable design process should be built. I’m going to ponder this design process in future blog posts. For now, I can say, that based on the interviews, I’m going to dive deeper into inclusivity, accessibility, experiences in the design process, and the relationship between the built and the digital environment.