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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my blog! This blog is created as a part of project work done for the Sustainable Digital Life Master’s Programme .

Who am I?

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Tinja Juutilainen and I study at Tampere University in a new Sustainable Digital Life Master’s Programme. Me and my peers are the first ones ever, and I’m very happy to share my journey with great people from different backgrounds.

What is my background?

My background is in communication and since spring 2017 I have done communication in Tampere Tramway Project. Currently I’m on a study leave until february 2023, which allows me to fully focus on my studies.

I did my Bachelor’s degree in communication at Tampere University. Before that I studied myself as an accordion builder in Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design.

What is my project?

I got extremely lucky and got myself paired up with two very interesting companies: KONE & Solita. As a part of a Sustainable Digital Life Master’s Programme, a student plans and carries out a project throughout their studies, in two years. My project focuses on Mobility & Sustainable Urban Flow (as one can figure out from the blog title). This blog follows the project and themes related to that and other sustainability topics.

What I hope:

I hope you find this blog interesting and will follow my journey. I wish for a respectful and exhilarating conversation on the topic. All this is completely new for me, but I can’t wait to learn more and dive deeper into my project!

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