Tools – Understanding reproduction

Fruit Machine

Do you know what your partner thinks about starting a family? Have you discussed your dreams of having children or dreams of not having any children? Do you assume that you know, or do you have the facts?

With the Fruit Machine -game you can find out and discuss your thoughts together! You can reach the game through this link or clicking on the picture!

1234 days Counting on Healthy Families

Mathematics of smart family planning…

Fertility awareness - Ovulation signs

Intergenerational health - the epic truth of genetics and epigenetics

Learning Activity Package (LAP)
- an example course in sexual and reproduction health for nurse or midwife students

Teacher! Lecturer!

Here’s a course model and material for you to use partly or entirely for teaching future reproduction health professionals! Use freely! It is designed to be 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which equals approximately 112 hours of work for the student. The lectures were designed to be given in Zoom online, other pedagogic ideas are introduced also. This course serves as an example and may be modified according to teachers’ wishes and requirements. This LAP was developed in the PreconNet project team Finland. Click on image to open material as PDF-documents! 

Click on image to open PDF’S!

Your reproductive life plan

Have a look at this animation that talks about the importance of planning ahead, even if you are unsure of having children yet.

May I ask a question?

This is material that can be used in different ways as a lecture tool or self-learning material. Click on the picture to open a PDF-file.

Periods in youth

Here is a video that can be used when teaching youth about what periods are like…

Physiology of pregnancy and labour

What happens during pregnancy and labour?

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