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When is the right time for first time?

Use this animation to bring us issues like when is the right time to have sex for the first time. The animation might make it easier to break the ice with your students…

Get tested together!

Sometimes sexually transmitted infections might be symptom free. Give your students a starter into the issue with this trigger animation… help everyone to stay safe!

Mr McFaq answers seemingly silly questions...

In this animation Mr McFaq answers questions that sometimes seems silly for us adults. For a young adolescent these questions might be crucial for wellbeing. Take it seriously, show what Mr McFaq has to say! These are very short clips.

Lesson plans (click on photo, print and use!)

Lesson about sexuality

This lesson has a mind map exercise. After everyone has written down what they think sexuality is, you have facts that you can share with your learners or students. It also explains porn and how harmful it is.

Lesson about safety skills

This printable lesson plan contains 4 pages. The exercise is called "Traffic lights". With it you can ask learners or students to demonstrate where it is ok to be touched and where not. After demonstrations, you have support questions to trigger discussions.

Lesson about sexual harassment

Print out this lesson plan. Discuss the subject with your learners or students, show them the cartoon "Can I get a pic of you?" (next on this page). Then ask learners what kind of thoughts did it bring up... Go through the list on what to do if you face harassment online.

Cartoon: "Can I get a pic of you?"

Use this printable cartoon to trigger thoughts and discussions about sexual harassment.

Trigger poster about masturbation

You can print out this poster to relieve taboo's about masturbation. You can use it as trigger for discussions.

Trigger poster about refusing sexual approaches

You can print out this poster to inform learners or students about how to act when they are uncomfortable in a situation and how to say no to unwanted sexual approaches.

Trigger poster about what to do if noticing harassment online

You can print out this poster to inform your learners or students about what to do if they experience or notice harassment online.

Cartoon about the power of a published photo

You can print out this poster to inform and/or discuss the power of a published photo and how it can cause harm. The message is not to revenge or lash out by publishing something you may later regret or that may harm the people around you.

Preventing teenage pregnancies

You can show this video to teenagers about why it is important to use contraception…

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