COVID 19: two myths about the COVID 19 vaccine and fertility! What to tell to antivaxxers!

They are “die hards”, most of the vaccine refusers. Research has already shown that most of the antivaxxers are barely amenable to scientific arguments. But let us, the PreconNet-team, share our evidence-based information as answer on two myths.

  1. The Covid 19 vaccine affects a woman’s fertility and/or is dangerous for those who are pregnant! This first myth was on various social media. Posts stated that the spike protein on the coronavirus was the same as the spike protein responsible for the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy. As a result of the vaccine, the immune system of the pregnant woman would be unable to distinguish between the two spike proteins and attack the placenta protein. So was the hypothesis. This is a FALSE hypothesis. The overall composition of the placenta protein is very different from the spike protein of the coronavirus. In addition, the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of infection for pregnant women. Although the overall risk of serious illness is low, (recently) pregnant women are at an increased risk of serious illness from Covid 19 compared to non-pregnant women. In addition, pregnant women with Covid 19 risk preterm birth and may be at an increased risk of other adverse pregnancy outcomes compared to pregnant women without Covid 19.


  1. The Covid 19 vaccines may cause male infertility and erectile dysfunction! A possible reason for men to refuse the Covid 19 vaccine is the idea that vaccines can affect male fertility and potency. This is FALSE, a myth! There is no evidence that the vaccine harms a man’s reproductive system. On the contrary Covid-19 infection does harm. The coronavirus infections have potentially far-reaching effects on men’s fertility of all ages, including younger and middle-aged men with a wish for children. This is no surprising news. After all, we know that other viruses (e.g., mumps, Zika) can invade the testicles and affect sperm production and fertility.



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