The AURORA trial (bAriatric sUrgery Registration in women Of Reproductive Age)

The use of bariatric surgery has grown enormously in the last decade, especially in women of reproductive age. In this group (unplanned) pregnancies are not rare due to, among other things, improved fertility (due to weight loss) and a possible ineffectiveness of contraceptives (due to poor absorption in the gut).

Although pregnancy after bariatric surgery is generally considered safe, there are a number of studies that show that pregnancy after bariatric surgery is not always without complication and should be viewed as a high risk pregnancy. However, scientific research on pregnancy outcomes after bariatric surgery is limited.

Belgian researchers, obstetricians, bariatric surgeons, midwives, psychologists, have shown a special interest in this topic. This was the trigger to start the AURORA trial.

With the AURORA the research team wants to collect data about, among other things, contraception use, sexuality, quality of life, diet, physical activity, … in women who have undergone obesity surgery. Women can enter this study before the bariatric procedure, afterwards and during pregnancy.



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