Think nutrition first!

Nutrition is a hot topic! The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO, 2015) is very determined about the link between the nutritional state of adolescents and the health outcome of their offspring.

Adolescent, preconception, and maternal nutrition represent a major public health issue that affects not only the health of adolescents and women, but also that of future generations. FIGO calls for:

  • increased awareness of the impact of women’s nutrition on their health and the health of future generations;
  • greater attention given to the links between poor maternal nutrition and increased risk of later noncommunicable diseases like diabetes;
  • action to improve nutrition and nutritional education among adolescent girls and women of reproductive age;
  • maternal nutrition should be part of a life course approach that views perinatal health within the context of women’s overall health.

All health care workers need to “THINK NUTRITION FIRST” (FIGO) with a focus on improving adolescent and maternal nutrition and health, starting in the preconception years.

For that reason the topic “nutrition” will take an important place in the Preconception Health and Care model of the PreconNet team.


Magali De Pauw

VIVES university of Applied Science – Belgium

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