H5P: a tool for the development of e-contents

In the myriad of tools for the development of e-contents that are available nowadays, is hard to find and choose something that suites the user’s needs, expectations and potential non-expert level of information and communication (ICT) skills.

H5P is a free and open technology licensed with the MIT license that offers its users an easy and intuitive way to create, share, reuse and modify interactive e-contents. E-contents can be developed by using different content types and applications like course presentation, interactive video, quiz, flashcards, branching scenarios and others. H5P e-contents are responsive, which means that users experience the same interactive content on different devices that are able to show HTML5 contents (computers, smartphones and tablets alike).

H5P users can create e-contents easily because all that is needed to do so is a web browser and a web site with the H5P plugin/module. H5P’s web site https://h5p.org is a good place to start learning and testing this tool. Users that want to start using H5P more seriously should start to use it on their own web site or e-learning platform. H5P is currently supported for WordPress, Drupal and Moodle and is available as a plugin for Moodle and WordPress and as a module for Drupal.


assist. prof. Patrik Pucer, Ph.D.
UP Faculty of Health Sciences, Slovenia

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