Our Team


Ph.D. Students

Vignesh Kumar Rangasami

Vignesh has a Master’s degree in Molecular Medicine from Uppsala University, Sweden. His research interest is in the field of immunoengineering. He is currently studying the interactions of macrophages with biomaterials for tissue engineering and cancer. He is also involved in microencapsulation of stem cells with polyelectrolyte hydrogel for stem cell transplantation. He joined the Oommen Lab in May 2017 for his Ph.D.

Sumanta Samanta

Sumanta has done his MTech in Material Sciences and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, India. He joined the Oommen Lab in July 2017 for his Ph.D. He is doing his Marie Curie funded Ph.D. program where he is developing graphene based imaging probes and organic NIR dyes for theranostic drug delivery applications and imaging of stem cells after in vivo transplantation.

Master Students

Ana Colucci Climent

Ana is a Biotechnologist, and is currently pursuing her master's degree in Biomedical Technology at Tampere University. She is currently investigating the interactions between tumor associated macrophages and glioblastoma cells in 3D brain mimetic hydrogel scaffold.

Austin Evans

Austin is a second year international MSc student from the USA who is studying Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Major at Tampere University-Finland. He is passionate about exploring the relationship between biomaterials and human biology and how materials influence cells and how cells react to and modify those materials. He is currently developing a novel photo-crosslinkable Hyaluronic Acid hydrogel system for 3D bioprinting, disease modelling, and other applications.

Past Team Members