TUT Inverse Problems

3D models

Visualizations of models reconstructed with the methods our team has developed in collaboration with various other research institutes.

The models are available as images rendered in Blender and as WebGL illustrations. The models are stored on a web publishing service called SketchFab and can be viewed directly in the browser. To check whether your browser supports WebGL you can visit http://get.webgl.org/.

Tree model gallery

An example gallery where the user can view 3D models of trees together with properties such as volume, area and branch size distribution. The example plot was scanned by Dr. Eric Casella in Forest Research - Forestry Commission UK.

Maple tree model

A cylinder model of a maple tree consisting of about 9000 cylinders. The tree was originally LiDAR scanned by the Finnish Geodetic Institute to a point cloud with 1.8 million points. The reconstruction was done with the method our team has developed. The reconstruction time was a couple of minutes on a laptop computer.

Asteroid surface model

Reconstruction of the surface of the asteroid Hygiea. Light curves were used for the reconstruction and they are available in the Database of Asteroid Models from Inversion Techniques (DAMIT) with the complete 3D object.

The 3D model is visualised here as images and as WebGL graphics. The images show the model as a solid object, wire-frame model and with bump mapping enabled.

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