TUT Inverse Problems


Material related to our research and produced by our team is available in the data categories listed on this page and the navigation menu. Use the respective view buttons or click on the images to move to the material pages.

All of the material, excluding the videos, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You are free to use and share the work for non-commercial purposes, but name the original authors as you do so.

Creative Commons License


Recent scientific publications in the format of poster presentations are available. Short descriptions, preview images and full-sized versions are available for all the posters. The posters are named after the conference where they were presented at, or by the poster title.


Some of the material used by our group members in oral presentations is available in various data formats. The event where the material was first used is stated for every presentation for your convenience.


Our group has produced several videos to explain the reconstruction methods we have developed, and to visualize results. All of the videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel. Descriptions and preview images are presented for all the videos.

3D models

Few of the applications our group is currently working on deal with object reconstruction from various data modalities. This allows for the end result, i.e., the object, to be easily visualized as a 3D model. A few of such models are presented here to demonstrate what can be accomplished by using our techniques.

The models are presented as rendered images and as WebGL objects which means that they can be viewed from different angles directly in your WebGL-enabled browser.


Software packages or software demonstrations produced during research studies. Documentation and source code provided for each package. The most common programming languages used by the team are Matlab and Python.


Datasets released by our team in various formats. Download links and documentation available.

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