Computational Imaging Group

HTID test image database for verification of no-reference image visual quality metrics

The database contains 2880 color images of size 1536x1024 pixels cropped from the real-life photos produced by the mobile phone cameras with various shooting and post-processing settings. Mean opinion scores (MOS) for images of the database are provided.

Zipped archive: (7 Gb) includes test images and "htid.mat" file which contains "h_names.mat" with images file names and "h_mos.mat" with mean opinion scores.

Please refer to the following paper:
M.Ponomarenko, S. Ghanbaralizadeh Bahnemiri, K. Egiazarian, O. Ieremeiev, V. Lukin, V. Peltoketo, J. Hakala, "Color image database HTID for verification of no-reference metrics: peculiarities and preliminary results", EUVIP, 2021, 6p.